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Error 500 when using endpoint from Orbs

Hi everyone

I use API v4. In the docs there is example of getting block by unix time: https://mainnet-v4.tonhubapi.com/block/utime/1680031682. Here everything is clear. But if I try to use endpoint from @orbs-network/ton-access request https://ton.access.orbs.network/44A1c0ff5Bd3F8B62C092Ab4D238bEE463E644A1/1/mainnet/ton-api-v4/block/utime/1680031682 returns 500 error.

Are there any restrictions when use endpoints from Orbs?

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This error caused by trying to access an old block from a node which does not store this information for long period.

All nodes in the network have some default retention for historical data and fetching old blocks requires accessing archive nodes which stores this information for longer periods.

We are currently working to dramatically increase the retention for archive nodes and soon you will be able to access old blocks.


Thanks for your answer

Sergei Krivochenko   11 months ago Report

If I run my own instance with docker

docker run -e TON_CONFIG=https://ton.org/global-config.json -p 3000:3000 tonwhales/ton-api-v4:v41

, will it be possible to get old blocks?

Sergei Krivochenko   11 months ago Report

I ask because currently I can't run it because of issue https://github.com/ton-community/ton-api-v4/issues/9

Sergei Krivochenko   11 months ago Report

Most of the nodes in the global config will not provide long history as the default when installing new node is 1 week for block state.

Ami Hazbany   11 months ago Report
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11 months ago
11 months ago