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Error migrating wallet

I haven't used the TonHub Wallet for quite some time. Now, when I open the app, it prompts me for a migration process. However, upon clicking the migration button, I encounter an error while trying to migrate my wallet. I tryed restoring my wallet on a different phone using my seed phrase, but it gives me a different wallet address and my balance shows as 0TON. But when I checked my wallet address on tonscan.org, my balance is still there, but it shows as an inactive state. Any help?
To add to this, I also have access to Tonkeeper wallet and when I use their seed phrase I get my old wallet from which I moved my assets to Tonhub wallet, I still have app installed on phone where transactions were done, but as I said, I can't enter app because migration is failing.

Posted 9 months ago
Edited 9 months ago
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hey i have a same problem. do you have an update on this sutuation?

Posted 7 months ago