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Is there a bridge between TON and Everscale Network?

TON and Everscale have similar roots and should be fairly compatible from a technological perspective.

Although they are separate networks with different validators, is there any bridge between the two?

If not, are there any plans to create a bridge?


Do you mean bridge like "ton <-> wrapped ton & ever <-> wrapped ever"? They're different projects and their native coins aren't same.
If you just want to have some WEVER on TON chain and WTON on Ever chain, it'll be possible as for any other token/coin by just creating these Wrapped TON/EVER jettons

Daniil Sedov   one year ago Report
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Like @<1485940136469336064|Daniil Sedov> mentioned, there is currently no publicly known bridge between TON and Everscale Network. You can track all of the bridges on TON with the following link:


The official bridge currently includes bridging between Ethereum and Binance.

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago
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