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What is the difference between @ton-core/ton-emulator and @ton-community/sandbox?

While programming in Tact, I want an easy way to test my contracts on my local device.

I have found these three repositories:

  • What are the differences between the three?
  • How I can check the variables in the contract easily?
  • Are there any tutorials or videos for these frameworks?
Posted 10 months ago
Edited 10 months ago
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  • ton-contract-executor can only emulate the compute phase of contracts. It is not getting many updates now, because there is sandbox now.
  • sandbox is a much more powerful tool for testing contracts, because it also emulates all other phases of contract execution (most importantly, the action phase). So you can even test how several contracts interact in one system as in a real blockchain network.
  • ton-emulator is almost same as sandbox in terms of functionality and possibilities, but it was developer by another developer.
Posted 9 months ago
Edited 9 months ago
Daniil Sedov
219 × 6 Administrator
1 Answer
10 months ago
9 months ago