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Is there a maximum storage limit for a smart contract?

It's known that blockchain is not the best place to store lots of data (there is TON Storage for that, while smart contract data should generally be as small as possible). But is there a technical limit of permanent storage size for one smart contract, or a developer can theoretically grow a chain of cells indefinitely? If there is a maximum size, what is it?

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Posted one year ago
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Yes, the data should fit in the c4 register. c4 is limited to a depth of <= 512. Read more here:

If you use cells in a linear single ref tree, you are limited to 512 * 1023 = 523776 bits or near 64 KB. But if you use all cells to store data, it's a very huge tree with a lot of space. Only at the bottom layer it has 4 ** 511 cells.

Posted one year ago