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Does a 24-word mnemonic correspond to multiple addresses, or is there a 1:1 relationship between them?

Does anyone know if multiple addresses correspond to a 24-word mnemonic or if this is a 1:1 relationship between them? On networks like Ethereum, a mnemonic can be used to generate multiple private keys.

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**Yes, it is possible for a 24-word mnemonic phrase to correspond to an unlimited number of addresses. ** ⭕️

This phrase is generated using a deterministic wallet seed and is used to derive multiple public and private key pairs following the BIP32 hierarchical deterministic wallet (HD wallet) standard.

**❗️It is important to note that the relationship between the mnemonic phrase and its corresponding key pairs is one-to-many, rather than many-to-many. **

In other words, each unique 24-word mnemonic phrase generates a unique set of key pairs. While it is possible to derive multiple public addresses from a single mnemonic phrase, each of those public addresses can be traced back to that same mnemonic phrase in a unique way.❤️‍🔥

Posted 3 months ago

In TON, BIP-32 HD standard is not widely used to derive wallet keys. Though, there are several wallet versions (v3r1, v3r2, v4r2...) that have different addresses and correspond to single mnemonic.

ProgramCrafter   3 months ago Report
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3 months ago
3 months ago