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Does a 24-word mnemonic correspond to multiple addresses, or is there a 1:1 relationship between them?

Does anyone know if multiple addresses correspond to a 24-word mnemonic or if this is a 1:1 relationship between them? On networks like Ethereum, a mnemonic can be used to generate multiple private keys.

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**Yes, it is possible for a 24-word mnemonic phrase to correspond to an unlimited number of addresses. ** ⭕️

This phrase is generated using a deterministic wallet seed and is used to derive multiple public and private key pairs following the BIP32 hierarchical deterministic wallet (HD wallet) standard.

**❗️It is important to note that the relationship between the mnemonic phrase and its corresponding key pairs is one-to-many, rather than many-to-many. **

In other words, each unique 24-word mnemonic phrase generates a unique set of key pairs. While it is possible to derive multiple public addresses from a single mnemonic phrase, each of those public addresses can be traced back to that same mnemonic phrase in a unique way.❤️‍🔥

Posted one year ago

In TON, BIP-32 HD standard is not widely used to derive wallet keys. Though, there are several wallet versions (v3r1, v3r2, v4r2...) that have different addresses and correspond to single mnemonic.

ProgramCrafter   one year ago Report
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