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How to check the current global gas limit?

As far as I understand, on TON blockchain there is a globally set gas limit, and its value usually stays the same, but hypothetically it could be changed. If it is so, how to check the current limit value at any given moment?

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Yes, The current gas_limit field in the limits section indicates the current global gas limit. In the above example, the global gas limit is set to 1000000000000, aka, 1 TON.

Note that the global gas limit can be changed by the validators of the TON Blockchain through the governance mechanism. If the global gas limit is changed, the new value will be reflected in the output of the getconfig command.

To check the current global gas limit for the TON blockchain, you can use the TON Lite Client to query a full node on the network. Here's how to do it:

Start the TON Lite Client and connect to a full node on the network.
Use the getconfig 34 command to query the current global gas limit. This will return a value in nanograms.

Or get detail here:

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