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What is the difference between the PoW giver contracts listed on ton.org and tonwhales.com/mining, and which ones are the correct ones?

Hey all - does anyone know why ther are different addresses between the PoW giver contracts listed here: https://ton.org/docs/#/howto/pow-givers and the ones listed here: https://tonwhales.com/mining (for example, giver 1: https://tonwhales.com/explorer/address/Ef-kkdY_B7p-77TLn2hUhM6QidWrrsl8FYWCIvBMpZKprKDH).

I am confused as to which ones are the right givers...

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The addresses listed in the two sources are different because they are encoded differently. However, they are essentially the same address. To convert the address to a "canonical" non-user-friendly form, you can use the following code in JavaScript:

new TonWeb.Address('kf-kkdY_B7p-77TLn2hUhM6QidWrrsl8FYWCIvBMpZKprBtN').toString(false);

This will convert the address to the canonical form -1:a491d63f07ba7eefb4cb9f685484ce9089d5abaec97c15858222f04ca592a9ac,
which is the same as the address listed in the first source.

Posted one year ago
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