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How can I connect MyLocalTon using TonWeb?

How can I connect MyLocalTon using TonWeb?

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Posted one year ago
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To connect MyLocalTon using TonWeb, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Install your own instance of TonCenter by following the instructions in the TonCenter GitHub repository: https://github.com/toncenter/ton-http-api#building-and-running

  2. Configure your TonCenter instance to use your local TON network configuration, so it can connect to your LiteServer (LS). You can find the configuration instructions here: https://github.com/toncenter/ton-http-api#Configuration

  3. Finally, configure TonWeb to connect to your local TonCenter instance. Once this is done, you can use TonWeb to deploy contracts and interact with your local TON network.

By setting up and configuring TonCenter and TonWeb, you will be able to establish a connection between MyLocalTon and TonWeb, enabling you to deploy and manage contracts within your local TON network environment.

Posted one year ago
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