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How does TON blockchain sharding work?

TON whitepapers present "Infinite Sharding Paradigm", but I couldn't quite figure it out by reading the whitepapers. Is there another explanation avaliable somewhere? Or maybe you could explain it in the answers? How exactly does sharding lead to TON being more scalable?

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Posted one year ago
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TON's "Infinite Sharding Paradigm" is a method for improving the blockchain's scalability.

The TON network can be split into multiple independent shardchains, which process transactions and smart contracts in parallel.

Each shardchain can dynamically split or merge based on the number of accounts it contains, optimizing performance.

The existence of multiple parallel workchains, each containing multiple shardchains, provides near-infinite scalability, allowing the TON network to handle a growing number of users and transactions efficiently.

While this approach introduces new complexities, TON uses advanced cryptographic techniques and unique protocol designs to manage them.

But it seems like it's just a transfer of part of the whitepaper:

Posted one year ago