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Can the rate of confirmations be increased in TON blockchain? Are exchanges requesting too high a number? Is there a way to boost transaction speed?

So, is there no way to speed up the rate of confirmations? Are you saying that the exchanges are simply asking for too high a number?

Also, is there any way to increase the speed of transactions being included in the blockchain?

Similar to how EVM allows for paying a higher Gwei to incentivize miners to prioritize transactions, is there a way to speed up the inclusion of transactions in the TON blockchain?

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Posted one year ago
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In the TON blockchain, once a transaction is included in the blockchain, it is considered "confirmed" and cannot be undone. Therefore, the speed at which transactions are included in the blockchain is critical for many use cases, particularly for decentralized applications that rely on fast and efficient transaction processing.

Unlike some other blockchains, such as Ethereum, the TON blockchain does not allow for dynamic adjustment of gas fees based on market demand. Gas prices are the same for everyone and are determined by the network configuration. *Therefore, it is not possible to "pay more" to force validators to prioritize your transaction over others.

However, it is possible to speed up transaction processing by running your own validator node. With your own validator, you can process your transactions more quickly than other participants on the network, because you have direct control over the processing power of your node.

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago